Sunday, April 29, 2012

Testing. Testing. 1-2-3.

Let's see if I can't get back into this whole writing thing again. 

Since I last wowed my zero readers with tales of running glory, I have completed one more marathon.  I have two more races scheduled for 2012: 1) Ragnar Relay - DC (in September) and 2) MCM (October). After having a kick-ass long run yesterday where, not on purpose, I somehow ran at half-marathon race-pace the whole 16 miles as if it were nothing, I am tempted to sign up for a half in the next couple of months to see if I have it in me to break my current record of 1:58:51.  According to my GPS yesterday, I finished 13 miles in 2:00-ish hours (the -ish is because I don't remember the exact seconds)... so maybe.

In the interim and so that I don't lose my fitness in between now and my next scheduled races, I am continuing to run between 32-37 miles a week, where most Saturdays I run 16-17 miles, and every third Saturday I drop to 12 miles to give my body a rest.  That plan seemed to work for me between MCM and the National Marathon, so we'll see.

And since I'm throwing stuff out there, my goal this spring (when I have no races on the books) is to improve my core strength.  Hopefully, writing that down keeps me honest.  But since I am being "honest", I haven't done one thing yet to meet the goal.  So I need to get on that.  I also need to do more hill running... since Ragnar has me running through the mountains.  My plan for that is to replace my Tuesday treadmill run with the hilly road outside my own front door.  And maybe more incline on the treadmill.

That is all.

Last week's tally:

M: 5.2 m on treadmill at 9:15 pace / 2% incline
T:  5.2 m on treadmill at 9:15 pace / 2% incline
W: 8.4 m on trail at 9:20 pace
Th: 5.2 m on treadmill at 9:15 pace / 2% incline
S: 16.2 m on trail at 9:10 pace
Su: 2.1 m on treadmill at 9:40 pace / 0% incline

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