Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Running Miles Is Lots of Fun. I Think I'll Run Another One.

I could recap a months worth of running, but that would make me bored just typing it out.  I can only imagine that all of my three readers would lose interest after the first few sentences.  (Maybe I lost you already.)  Sufficed to say that I eased back into my training schedule after injury.  In these  in the last three weeks especially, I met my mileage goals.  I did change up my training by swapping out my regular 5 mile Monday run (which was never part of the schedule I followed - just something I added in for kicks) with shorter 2 mile recovery run on Sundays.  I think that helped keep me limber and not overtrain.  And this past week, I tackled what was the most intimidating part of my training plan: an 18 mile run on Oct. 3 followed by a 20 mile run on Oct. 11.  Major accomplishments.  I have now entered my taper, and I'm feeling excited and confident (but also happy to give my body a little rest.) 

When I finish this marathon, I don't know if I'll sign right up for another marathon right away, or wait a bit.  Ask me on October 30.  But I must admit I love knowing that I am capable of running these crazy distances.

Weeks 11-15
Miles actually logged: 163.5
Miles I was supposed to log: 171
Pace: 10:00 / mile -- 8:30 / mile, depending on the distance and the day

Today (10/11):
Miles actually logged: 5
Miles I was supposed to log: 5
Pace: 9:40 / mile -- 8:35 / mile (tempo run)

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