Saturday, August 20, 2011

14.5 Before Breakfast... How 'Bout you?

Today when I left the house at 6:00, the sun was not yet up and it was barely hovering at 70 degrees.  Awesomeness -- a reminder that Fall is right around the corner.  I cannot wait for this fall.  Running in 60 degree weather.  Tackling my first marathon.  Halloween.  Tall suede boots.  But I digress. 
I set out to do 14 miles today, and ended up doing 14.5.  Why?  Because as I was nearing the 14 mile mark, I all of the sudden felt bad about doing less than I had run two weeks ago, so I pressed on.  I wouldn't want to run with a bruised ego this coming week, so it was worth the extra half mile. 
It also bears noting that my legs felt tired after 12 miles.  I realized after the fact that I forgot to take my second gel.  But I was also running faster than my target pace.  Bottom line: I don't know if my tired legs should be attributed to one or the other, or both.  Regardless, next week I'm scheduled to do 16, so I do need to slow it down.  That will be a challenge because I am half the time fighting the urge to race other runners on the trail.  Yes, I run imaginary races every weekend.  Who knew I was so competative?  Subsequently, it is this mentality which I need to get over so that I don't find myself injured a month before the race.

Miles logged: 14.5
Miles I was supposed to log: 14
Pace: 9:20 / mile

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