Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Things that bit the dust today:
1.  My old record for longest distance ran - before today, that would be 13.1 miles; after today, 14.5 miles.
2.  My old record for most miles run in a week - before this week, I maxed at 35 miles; after today's run, I've hit 37.65.
3.  Me - I had a good crash.  When I realized I was going down no matter what, I made the decision to let my hand and arm take the brunt of it, (you don't need those appendages to run,) and save my knee.  My hand was numb for 10 minutes after.
With each new week, I will continue to break my own records. (Awesome!)  I will also no doubt crash again - that's what I do.

Miles logged: 14.5 (higher only because of a necessary pit stop that added an additional .5 miles to my run)
Miles I was supposed to log: 14
Pace: 9:15 / mile (FAST! Not on purpose.)

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