Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Mother Runner

I confess - I love blogs.  I do.  And one of my favorites is Another Mother Runner - I faithfully read this one several times a week.  This week, the blog is featuring guest bloggers who have posted on why they run.  I concur with everything that has been said so far this week: running gives me an invisible / baddass badge of honor; it gives me rockin' legs; my efforts are affirmed every time I have crossed any finish line; it's fun to shock people with the distances that I have logged so far and will continue to log; and it's a test of my determination.  I'm sure I will feel the same way about the rest of the posts that go up this week.  And I would also add that in addition to these reasons, I also run because I love hamburgers, and lots of miles means lots of guilt-free burgers.  Yum.  What's for dinner?

Miles logged: 5.65
Miles I was supposed to log: 4
Pace: 9:15 / mile

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