Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running Cures All My Ails... At Least Temporarily

Last week, I broke a molar while eating almonds.  I'll skip all of the gory details, but basically, there was a possibility I was going to need a root canal if all of the dental work that ensued irritated the nerve.  That was Thursday.  Today (Tuesday,) I can say with pretty much absolute certainty that I will need a root canal.  My mouth hurts tremendously.  What does this have to do with running?  Well, the only time my mouth wasn't throbbing was the time I spent running.  That 50 minutes of sweet relief is going to hold me over until tomorrow... when I will call up my dentist and BEG him (for the love of God!) to rip that nerve out.  And I may or may not run 20 more miles between now and then.

Miles logged: 5.65
Miles I was supposed to log: 4
Pace: 9:15 / mile

Miles logged: ZERO
Miles I was supposed to log: ZERO
(Not running when I was supposed to not run is only notable because I have been otherwise running on Mondays.  I skipped yesterday due to a wicked headache and neck pain... I'm such a special care kitty this week.)

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