Wednesday, August 3, 2011

161 Miles in 5 weeks

I'm feeling strong and ready to run.

I just tallied up the first 5 weeks of training and as of last Saturday, I logged 161.5 miles.  This week, assuming I run what I'm scheduled to, I should log the most miles I've ever run in a week (37.15) and the longest run I'll have done to date (14 miles... 0.9 miles more than a half marathon.)  All of this is making me feel very accomplished, and I'm not even half-way through my training. 

At this rate, I am on track to blow out my shoes somewhere between week 9 and week 10.  (My shoes only ever last me 300 miles... 350 if I push it, which I do not intend to do because I have no interest in an injury at this point in the game.)  But I always love me a pair of new shoes, so bring it!

Yesterday (Tuesday):
Miles logged: 5.6
Miles I was supposed to log: 4
Pace: 9:15 / mile

Miles logged: 7.25
Miles I was supposed to log: 7
Pace: 9:40 / mile

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