Monday, July 18, 2011

"Hello Michelle. It's been 286 days since your last yoga session."

So yeah... Saturday when I said that I could have run for miles and miles more than my scheduled 12, well it's good that I didn't because today, I was sore.  Not hurt sore, just tired-muscle sore.  So I opted to just do a slow and easy short run and then augment my workout with strength training.  (Subsequently, my strength training program of choice was Wii Fit, which reminded me that it's been 286 days since my last session.  Oops.  Best intentions and all that.)  I have a feeling that this is the week that I will start cutting down on the mileage of weekday runs to so that I can better recover from the long weekend runs.  At this point, my plan is to listen to my body and play it by ear.

Miles logged: 3.5 + strength training
Miles I was supposed to log: 0
Pace: 9:40 / mile

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