Saturday, July 23, 2011


For pretty much all of week 4, I've ended each run thinking "well, it was ugly, but it got done."  The combination of this particularly awful July heat wave plus the little bit of strength training that I added to my workout on Monday was no doubt the main cause of my sluggishness / discomfort / soreness this week. Today was no different (well, except that I was no longer sore from the strength training.)  But with ample water breaks (where I walked as I drank), energy gel, timing my run for the crack of dawn, and the fact that this week was my first mini-taper in long run mileage, it got done.  And yes, I still happily inflict this pain on myself.  (Although this week, I was just a little less happy to do this than others.)
Miles logged: 8.2
Miles I was supposed to log: 8
Pace: Somewhere between 9:30-9:40 / mile (exact pace hard to say -- a multitude of traffic lights and a bathroom break made the math hard, since I don't exactly know how much time was lost there...)

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