Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pack Mentality

Today I had one of those runs where I just kicked butt. I ran 12 miles, and when I finished, I felt invigorated, strong, and that I could go on for quite a big longer.  (5 more miles? 10?)  That would of course been completely stupid to do just 3 weeks into my training, but this feeling is exactly what keeps me going at this.  Raah!

I opted to run with a local running group this morning, which no doubt contributed to the energy of today's run.  There is something about trotting along in a group that helps me push on ahead more easily and with less concern for the passing miles.  I've run with this group a few times before, but typically, things like wanting to sleep in later, logistical challenges, or not liking a particular route have kept me from participating in their group long runs.  That said, today shows me that I'm better off to just suck it up and make it happen because I'm liking the feeling of this whole group-run thing.

Miles logged: 12
Miles I was supposed to log: 12
Pace: 9:30 / mile

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