Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"No mommy, you are the runner..."

Totally random story, because I'm a woman / mother and it's my prerogative to convey such stories.  Anyway, while getting the boy ready for bed the other night, he asks "where's daddy."  I respond that daddy is downstairs running, to which the boy emphatically states "no mommy, you are the runner!"  Yes, yes I am.  Which I will admit pleases me to no end that "runner" is part of his definition of mommy.  Anyway, we then went on to talk about that one day, maybe all of us could run a race together, and wouldn't that be fun?  I wonder, is 3 years too young to compete in the tough mudder series?

Miles logged: 6
Miles I was supposed to log: 5
Pace: 9:40 / mile

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